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According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP), six in ten  Americans live with at least one Chronic Condition. Heart disease, cancer and diabetes are the leading causes of death in the US and cost the nation $3.3 trillion in annual health care costs.(CDC)

Some of the major risks for chronic disease are linked to lack of physical exercise, poor nutrition, excessive alcohol use and use or exposure to tobacco. A balanced nutritional intake approach, adequate physical exercise and a solid practice of mindfulness in day to day activities have been proven to be effective ways to prevent and manage chronic Disease. 



A well-balanced life is a well-lived life

Life can be stressful. It is critical to adopt a practice of mindfulness in our day to day activities. The mindfulness solution involves developing an understanding of what help us thrive emotionally, mentally and physically. It involves giving ourselves time and permission to rest, eat mindfully and incorporate an adequate amount of movement in our daily activities.  

Rock Balancing

" The Essence of Health is inner Balance." 

-Andrew Weil

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