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Company Profile: 

Founded in 2019, the purpose of Jamah Health & Wellness is to serve as an empowerment tool to community members by providing them with health education, coaching, tools and support. As complications from Diabetes become a critical public health issue, Jamah Health & Wellness focuses on providing a platform for communication and experience sharing.We provide tools to help community members set small, specific, measurable and achievable health goals and action plans, while building solid, trust-based relationships.


Empower individuals living with Diabetes to take charge of their health by collaborating with them to develop SMART health goals and providing them with the information, education, and tools to be successful.


Creating a collaborative community where patients, caregivers and health professionals work closely together to reduce the prevalence of Diabetes and achieve successful health outcomes through effective communication, mindfulness, lifestyle and behavioral changes.

Message from the Founder


Hello and Welcome to Jamah Health and Wellness! Our mission is to serve as a valuable resource to community members in need of support to achieve their health goals. We promote healthy outcomes through education, the effective use of technology, behavior, and lifestyle change. We work with individuals to identify and address barriers to behavior changes while supporting them through the different stages of the change process. At Jamah, we believe in meeting people where they are in their journey without judgment and with respect to their personal values and beliefs.


-Yaye Walker, MS, PMP, CHES

Founder and Lifestyle Coach            

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